Advanced Vibration Control (AVC) - CAT IV

THE ADVANCED VIBRATION CONTROL (AVC) course is targeted at solving complex vibration problems involving transient and forced vibrations; resonance, isolation and damping in both structural dynamic and rotor dynamic systems. It is partial preparation for the Vibration Analyst Category IV Certification Exam. The workshops and demonstrations scheduled throughout the training course are used to illustrate theory and applications.


Instructor: Robert Sayer

Location: Columbus Airport Marriott


$2475 USD Nonmember ($2375 VI Members) 
$100 expedited materials fee for registrations received within 1 week of course starting.


All registered attendees in the Advanced Vibration Control training course will receive the following:

  • Course notes
  • Workbook containing examples, workshop problems and the Body of Knowledge found in ISO 18436-2 Annex A
  • Certificate of completion


The AVC training four-and-a-half-day course will begin at 1 p.m. and conclude at 5:00 p.m. on Monday; then will begin at 8:00 a.m. and conclude at 5:00 p.m, Tuesday through Friday.


It is recommended that attendees review the Body of Knowledge found in ISO 18436-2 Annex A, which can be found at under Certification, prior to the training course.


Course Agenda:



Effect of vibration level on fatigue, structural vs. mechanical vibration severity evaluation, industry specific severity standards.


Transient Free Vibrations

Damped and undamped free vibrations of single and multiple degree-of-freedom systems. Modal testing to determine natural frequencies, damping, and mode shapes. Intro to the concept of modal participation. Log decrement, equivalent spring and natural frequency calculations. Tuning natural frequencies to avoid resonance by changing stiffness and/or mass. Linear & non-linear stiffness, and temperature & strain rate effects on stiffness.

Workshop I: Free Vibrations


Forced Vibrations

Forced harmonic response, damping analysis, and base motion response. Forced response to periodic non-harmonic and impulse forces. Sensitivity of modes to placement of dynamic forces. Case histories involving force modification as a form of vibration control.

Workshop II: Forced Vibrations


Basic Rotor Dynamic Vibration Control

Single & multiple degree-of-freedom models, modal mass, mode shapes, limitations of different modeling techniques, support & rotor stiffness asymmetry, flexible impellers, gyroscopic effects, centrifugal stress stiffening, and Lomakin effect in pump rotors.  Natural frequency tuning techniques for rotors.

Workshop III Rotor Dynamics


Basic Structural Dynamics

Dynamic response of structural components of machines and flexible floor framing systems.

Natural frequency tuning techniques to reduce vibration of structures. Theory and application of tuned Dynamic Vibration Absorbers (DVA) and Auxiliary Mass Dampers.


Rigid Foundations

Rules-of-thumb for foundation design. Single & multiple degree-of-freedom models. Soil-foundation interface stiffness and damping calculations. Uncertainties in natural frequency calculations for foundations. Natural frequency tuning methods for foundations.

Workshop IV: Vibration Control for Structures & Foundations



Theory of dynamic force Isolation, advantages and disadvantages of different isolator types, stability requirements for isolation systems, decoupling of isolated systems from support system. Case histories involving proper and improper use of isolation.

Workshop V: Isolation


Systems subjected to Dynamic Pressure Pulsations

Sources of pulsations in pumps, fans & compressors, structural dynamics of piping and ductwork, acoustic resonance, vibration severity criteria for pipes, vortex shedding problems and solutions.


A Vibration Analyst Category II Certification Exam will need to be scheduled outside of this training agenda. Typically, the Vibration Analyst Category II Certification Exam is scheduled for 3 hours on Saturday morning. (Course and Exam schedule are always subject to change based on scheduling or unforeseen circumstances)  Be sure to complete the CF009 Exam Application form prior to your exam.

Training Examination Review Optional Certification Exam to be administered on the day AFTER the course.

Vibration Analyst Category I: $300

Vibration Analyst Category II: $350

Vibration Analyst Category III: $400

Vibration Analyst Category IV: $450

Balancing Field Specialist Exam: $30

Advanced Vibration Control - CAT IV for ISO-18436

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